Embroidery is becoming more and more popular. The fashion industry is leading the way and showing us the manifold ways in which textiles can be decorated with embroidery. We have been specialists in embroidery for many years and are skilled in our trade. Embroidery is the most exclusive way to design textiles within the framework of corporate design. It is long-lasting, upgrades textiles and gives them a first class image. Textiles are embroidered separately and can therefore be individually designed. Standard lettering can be produced for one item or more. We can show you a large range of standard lettering in our Friedrichshafen shop. We create an embroidery card to produce logos or graphics – this is only cost-effective for large quantities. Using modern embroidery machines we also make stitched logos which are embroidered onto supporting carriers. The embroidered emblems can be sewn onto clothing or headgear.

Embroidery is mostly used for high quality promotional textiles such as shirts and workwear; this is especially common in catering and hospitals. We have also stitched numerous club badges on textiles or emblems.

The advantages of embroidery are clear:

  • Embroidery is very long lasting and can be washed frequently which makes it very suitable for workwear.
  • Standard lettering is worthwhile for one item or more.
  • Embroidery lasts as long as the textile.
  • Dry cleaning and machine washing up to 90°C is no problem.
  • Embroidery looks classy and exclusive on textiles.

But a few restrictions must be heeded:

  • The creation of an embroidery card for elaborate logos (e.g coat of arms) is time consuming and therefore costly.
  • The embroidery of elaborate logos is only worthwhile in large quantities because the cost of the embroidery card is then distributed among the textiles or emblems.

Various samples can be seen in our shop. We will be pleased to submit an individual offer to you.